Thursday, February 18, 2010

Snowflake Ice Cream Cake

It's snowing again so I thought I'd post the pictures of the ice cream cake I made for my 7 year-old's birthday last month. We did a snowflake cake since it was January, and January here means snow...and because she couldn't decide on any other theme. The party was fun; the kids cut out snowflakes and glued them on blue paper; they played Pin-the-nose-on-Frosty-the-Snowman; and they made graham cracker candy houses. They ate so much of the candy and frosting no one wanted ice cream cake!

I made two cakes. Sophie wanted a small one just for her (not like she gets to eat the whole thing), and then I made a bigger cake for everyone else--that they didn't want. ;) What can you do, right?

I made the snowflakes out of white chocolate that I sprinkled with clear sanding sugar before the chocolate hardened. They were so cute; my favorite part :)

She wanted chocolate cake with cookies 'n cream ice cream. I used blue-tinted whipped cream for the frosting.

There was a mini-disaster with the first big cake and I had to remake it the morning of the party. The ice cream didn't have enough time to harden before I had to assemble the cake so it squished out of the layers a little. You couldn't really tell, except in the picture. Nice.

This was my first ice cream cake. I don't know if I'll make another one, as I discovered with this cake that 1. you have to work quickly because the ice cream melts (which means more stress), and 2. that I don't like frozen cake. Who knew? She's already requested another one for next year, so we'll see what I end up making :)


  1. Tiffany, that's beautiful! Stunning!! I'll have a piece even if the kids won't! HEE HEE

  2. My sister made an ice cream cake for her son's party. She put it in the deep freeze for a couple of days before pulling it out to frost it. Man oh was FROZEN!! Trying to spread the frosting on it was ridiculous. Then she was worried that it was going to melt at the party before they got to it (the party was held at the rec center pool), so she had my mom bring it along at the end. It was hard as a rock. It took two of us taking turns whacking at it with a butcher knife to get all the kids served, and then the ice cream was so stiff that they couldn't even eat it. I learned from her experience and won't try to do it myself :). I'm sure there's a better way...

  3. Glad you figured out what to do about the frosting. Whipping cream sounds good. It certainly looks good!

  4. @Amanda, Thanks! I really liked how it turned out. Sometimes simple is better :)

    @Nurse Heidi, I love your story. Ice cream cakes seem so great, but why? They're such a pain, and it's much easier to serve ice cream with a regular cake :) I'm pretty sure now that she won't get another one next year. I'll have to come up with an idea that she likes even better ;)

    @Grant Fam, Thanks! I was worried about the whipped cream because she doesn't usually like it, but she thought it was great. When she asked me if it was whipped cream I paused for a moment, wondering if I should tell her the truth. She acted like she'd never before in her life screamed about hating whipped cream. Funny kid :)

  5. I love the snowflakes with the glittery sanding sugar! And the soft blue looks so pretty, highlighted even more against the chocolate cake:) Beautiful!

  6. FYI...I have an award for you on my blog:)

  7. Very very pretty!!
    The snowflakes are my favorite part too!
    Also, your valentines cookies from a few posts ago are so great!
    So glad I came across your site :)

  8. Gorgeous cake! Love the combination of flavors and the snowflakes are awesome! Kudos to you for succeeding on your first try! Cheers ~

  9. Bea-uuuu-tiful cake inside and out! Bet it tasted great.

  10. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Love this cake, the colors and love how you made the snowflakes! They look awesome!


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