Monday, March 8, 2010

Kenda's wedding cake

I made this cake for the wedding of my friend, Kenda, who got married on Saturday. She's a super sweet, super talented woman, always thinking of others and somehow knowing just what they need. It was an absolute priviledge to make it for her :)

The top two tiers were carrot cake and the bottom tier was a traditional white cake. The carrot cake is the best in the world (if I may say so myself), and someday I'll share the recipe ;) The cakes were covered in white fondant.

I made the flowers out of gum paste, and hand-painted the royal-icing scroll work with edible silver glaze. It took 2 coats of glaze, and probably could have used 3, but the hand-painting just about killed me!

Isn't the cake stand beautiful? They had a clear, acrylic heart cake topper that was engraved with their names, wedding date, and monogram.

I love making the wedding cakes, but boy do they take a lot out of me! :)


  1. WOOOOOOW!!! It's perfectly beautiful!!! You are so talented! I LOVE the silver scroll work! Your friend must have been SO happy:)

  2. Wow....that's such a beautiful wedding cake!!! You should open a wedding cake shop!

  3. I LOVE your cake! Those flowers are so pretty..Lucky friend you have there...

  4. Really gorgeous cake - it's wonderful

  5. Gorgeous!!! I've messed with fondant a few times and haven't really gotten the hang of finishing off the corners. You've inspired me to try it again.

  6. Thanks, everyone! :)

    @Nurse Heidi, a trick I've found is to cut the corners of the cake off. If you look at the pictures you can see what I'm talking about. They sell square pans with flat corners, but why bother when you can just cut them off (Thanks Ace of Cakes for all the carving you do!) Then there is a fabulous video on U-Tube about covering square cakes; I couldn't have done it the first time without watching the video. [pausing] OK, I can't find the video I watched, but this one is pretty good too (it's in double-time for some reason). The thing that's important with square cakes is to do the corners first, then the sides, which is opposite of how you would think. Good luck!


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