Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Foodie Fights 2010

Foodie Fights is back! After waiting a very long 4 months (or was it 5?) the guys at Foodie Fights have launched a fancy new site, and are ready for battles! I'm sooooo excited (in case you couldn't tell). I had so much fun in the three battles I fought last year: there was Grilled Pork and Cantaloupe with Spicy Balsamic Glaze for fight #4, Battle Melon and Red Pepper Flake, Chicken and Peach Picatta for fight #10, Battle Peach and Tarragon, and Italian Pomegranate-Lime and Cheese Sweet Bread for fight #12, Battle Semolina Flour and Pomegranate. My sweet bread earned me the coveted status of Foodie Fights Winner, and the opportunity to be a judge for the next fight. It was all awesome and I can't wait to compete again!

Thanks guys, for such a great time!

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