Monday, October 4, 2010

Chicken & Dumplings Experiment

OK, so I made Chicken & Dumplings for the first time tonight. It was an experiment since I only sort of knew what I was doing (I don't think I've ever even eaten chicken & dumplings before). All I knew was dumplings are like biscuits and that they are steamed as they sit on top of the simmering soup. And when they're done they should be dry in the middle.

I used my pancake mix to make my normal biscuit dough--with some added some green onion--and then dropped spoonfuls of the dough onto the top of the simmering soup. I covered it and let the dumplings cook for 10 minutes. By then the centers were dry, but my soup had gone from brothy to thick. It makes sense to me, what with my dropping balls of dough into the broth, but I don't know if this is normal. I looked online and some of the pictures show soups that are definitely not as thick.

So I have a question for anyone who has made chicken & dumplings: What is the finished soup supposed to look like? Thick or thin? And are dumplings just steamed biscuits? Or did I end up with thick soup because I used my biscuit batter instead of mixing up "dumpling" batter?

Oh, and the dumplings are kind of gooey on the botton; is that normal?

Thanks in advance!


  1. Dumplings are similar to steamed biscuits, yes, depending on the dough you use..I have had dumplings that have been more like super thick noodles also. My chicken and dumplings is always on the thick side...maybe that's just personal preference?

  2. I've only put them on stew, which is thicker than soup, but they do tend to be wet and soft on the bottoms where they sit in the liquid. Every recipe I've ever seen for 'dumplings' is a biscuit batter that is steamed in soup or stew.

    Looks delicious - can't wait for cooler weather to try some!

  3. This looks so comforting and delicious. Mine turns out thick and soupy, just the way I like it.

  4. My grandpa used to make a great chicken and dumplings recipe with the biscuits steamed on top. The bottom of the biscuit that was directly touching the brothy part was always a little gooey. :)

  5. Chicken and dumplings are either steamed bread on top of the thick stew or cooked inside the stew and are thick .


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