Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Works For Me Wednesday: Storing Silpat Liners

I wish I could say I thought of this on my own, but I know I read about it in one of my cooking magazines (though it was a while ago and I can't remember which one).

Silpats are great to use but trying to store the big, flat, floppy liners is a problem. Enter the humble papertowel tube--something you already have and won't cost you a penny. Simply roll the Silpat (short-end to short-end) and they are a perfect fit.

Tip: Roll the Silpat liner as tight as you can to make it easier to put in the tube. Once in the tube it will unroll itself for a tight fit.

Now I keep my liners in the drawer next to my foils and wraps, nice and neat, and ready when I need them.

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  1. Neat! I only have one and I never use it, so it's tucked away. What do you use yours for?

  2. I do that with my Tupperware mat for rolling out sugar cookies and pie crust! It works great!

  3. Great idea. I recently bought my first two Silpats and I have been at a loss as to how to conveniently store those babies. You've just solved my problem! Thanks very much! :)

  4. @Bitterroot Mama, I mainly use mine for making cookies, instead of using parchment paper. I've also used it the couple time I've made toffee and it was perfect for that, too.
    @Sherrie, it's great, isn't it? :)
    @Jane, You're so welcome! Mine used to flop all over the inside of my cupboard, but now they are under control :)

  5. Great tip. I love my Silpat, but they are a pain to store.


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