Monday, March 31, 2014

Mom's Potato Salad

Is it even possible to take a flattering picture of potato salad? I'm leaning towards, "no". lol ;) It sure is tasty, though! This isn't my mom's actual recipe, but it's as close as I've been able to come to recreating what I remember from my childhood, so I'll go ahead and give her credit ;)

This potato salad is really easy to put together, and the flavor is so good--so much better than anything you can buy pre-packaged or from your grocery store's deli counter (and you have the added bonus of knowing exactly what's in it). You can add other things like sliced black olives, diced hard-cooked eggs, even green peas to this recipe. It's all yum.

If you can make it ahead enough to let it chill for a few hours that's great, but I've also served it warm-ish because I was running behind, and it was also fantastic. Also, I recommend only using russet potatoes because they are more starchy, and some of the cooked potato mixes with the dressing and helps gives the salad it's gorgeous texture.

Mom's Potato Salad
printable recipe

5 pounds russet potatoes, peeled and diced
3/4 cup mayonnaise
3 ribs celery, minced
1/2 medium onion, minced
1 tablespoons dill relish
1 1/2 teaspoon yellow mustard
3/4 teaspoon white sugar
1/2 teaspoon table salt
1/4 teaspoon celery seed
fresh ground black pepper as desired
paprika for garnish, if desired

1. Cook diced potatoes in a large pot of salted boiling water until they are almost tender, about 15 minutes. (If you cook them too long you'll end up with potato mush when you stir in the dressing.)

2. While the potatoes are cooking, mix together the remaining ingredients, except the paprika, in a large bowl.

3. Drain the potatoes really well, but do not rinse them. Let cool for 5-10 minutes. Add the warm potatoes to the dressing and mix gently until the potatoes are evenly coated. Transfer to your serving bowl and sprinkle with paprika if desired. Chill for a few hours and serve cold, or serve warm.

Makes enough salad to serve 8-10.

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