Friday, March 14, 2014

Pies for Pi Day!

Today is 3/14, which means it's Pi Day! In honor of such a great day, here are some pies from my archive. Also, a friend over at Baking Banquet makes a ton of pies, especially frozen pies, so head over there for some more Pi Day love! Enjoy, and eat some pie!

Don's Apple Pie
This was one of my very first posts (and the pictures show I can't find the picture files on my computer, but click on over and you'll see how tasty it is :)

Cranberry-Apple Pie
This pie is so delicious.

This is one of our family favorites. So easy and delicious!

A tart is just a flat pie, right? It's hard to mess up a crostata, you should totally try this, even if you think you're pie-challenged.

Another flat pie. And perfect for an appetizer.

Again. A pie-ish thing ;) And another great appetizer.

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