Thursday, December 31, 2009

Freezing Left-Over Buttercream Frosting

Having left-over frosting is almost a given when I make a cake. Running out of frosting in the middle of decorating a cake is a very bad thing, so I'm always sure to make plenty. But what to do with the extra? Before I figured out this freezing technique, we would snack on it for a couple of days, smearing it on graham crackers or left-over cake-top. But you can only do that for so long, and then the frosting would end up getting old and thrown away.

I found if I freeze the frosting, it will stay good for up to 3 months (any longer and the flavor suffers). I simply use my biggest cookie scoop (muffin-size) to scoop the frosting onto waxed paper, and then put it in the freezer until the frosting is hard. Then I transfer the frozen frosting to a freezer zip-top bag, and put it back in the freezer. Having frosting in the freezer is awesome when you want to make some quick cupcakes, and my kids love to have it for dessert with graham crackers.

To use the frozen frosting, take the frosting balls out of the bag, put them in a bowl, cover them with plastic wrap, and let them thaw at room temperature. Give the frosting a gentle stir to restore the spreadable consistency, and you're in business.

Note: I've only done this with my buttercream frosting, which is made with butter and shortening. I don't think this will work with other buttercreams that are made with meringue, etc.


  1. Do cakes frosted with home made buttercream frosting need to stored in the refrigerator due to the butter? I wanted to try making home made, but didn't want to make anyone sick in case it needs to be kept in fridge and I didn't.



  2. An excellent idea! I've frozen big tubs of frosting before, but scoops are much more user friendly. Stashing this tidbit into my "useful stuff" file.

    P.S. - I surfed over from Stephanie's blog, just in case you're like me and like to kinda know where readers come from. I live just around the corner to boot.

  3. The scoop was my sister's idea, in a round-about way :) And I love knowing how people find me--thanks for letting me know :)

  4. Tami, Thanks for coming comment ended up in my spam folder and I just saw it--sorry! To answer your question, cakes frosted with the buttercream frosting I use can sit out for up to 3 days, then they should go in the fridge. As far as I know, Meringue buttercreams should be kept in the fridge.

  5. I bake bit and always make homemade buttercream. This a wonderful idea and will spread the word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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