Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recent birthday cakes

These cakes are a couple that I've done over the last few months.

This one is a "princess cake" for my friend's daughter who turned 4. Her daughter picked the colors and then I was allowed artistic license for the rest. The cake was fun to make--very fru-fru :) The cake is iced in buttercream and the flowers are also buttercream. I bought a dress-up crown for the top, and it's sitting on a round mirror to keep the fuzzies out of the frosting. Her mom reported that she loved it :)

Close-up of the buttercream flowes.

This cake was for my nephew's 8 year-old birthday. His favorite color--since he was old enough to point--is green, and this year he requested a "green animal cake". I iced the cake in green buttercream, cut the animals out of green-tinted gumpaste with cookie cutters, and made the sign out of the same green gumpaste. I used a green edible food marker to write on the sign and for the accents on the animals.

And, of course, I tinted the cake green, too...you should have seen his face! :)

Did I mention his favorite color is green?


  1. Wow! The princess cake is so cute!

  2. Oh Ethan's grin is worth a million cakes!

    Amazing job on the cake... :)


  3. Taking notes... I have a birthday cake and cupcakes to decorate this weekend... Lovely princess cake.


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