Sunday, April 7, 2013

Green Monster Cake

I've decided to start posting the occasion cakes I've made over the last few years. Hopefully you'll be inspired for one of your own cakes! :)

I've mentioned before that my husband loves apple pie and other apple-related desserts. If given a choice between an apple treat and some other kind of treat, he will almost always choose the apple.

Several years ago (2007, if we're being exact), I asked my husband what he would like for his birthday. He asked for apple pie. My middle girl, who was 4 at the time, overheard our conversation and said, "But you don't want just apple pie, do you Daddy??"

Apparently, in her sweet 4-year-old mind, a birthday without cake just. wasn't. right. The apple pie was a given, so we let her decide what kind of cake he should have. It took her about 10 seconds to decide: A Green Monster Cake.

Even in 2007 I'd been making cakes for a long time, but this was a new one for me. It was so fun to make!

I started with three, 2-layer round cakes, an 8-inch, a 6-inch, and a 5-inch. I stacked them using the doweling method and then carved the cake to sort-of resemble this monster shape. (the shape didn't have to be exact since I was going to cover it with loads of frosting) I lightly iced it with green buttercream, and then used more buttercream and a giant star tip to make the pull-out hair. I made the eyes and purple horns, nose, feet and tail with purple fondant. I had some edible gold-colored dust left-over from another cake, and used it on the claws, horns, warty nose, eyelids, and to put dots on the tail.

As you might imagine, my cute girl thought it was wonderful :)

Happy caking!


  1. (logged in as my husband) Really beautiful cake as all of them are! I found it as I googled dinosaur cake. I am a really bad baker but love doing the decorative part. So inspiring. Regards, Hildur, Sweden.


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