Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Must I have a gas oven?

My family and I are moving to a new house in June. Right now I have an electric, flat-top Maytag Gemini double oven. I love my oven. Love it. The plan was to take my oven to the new house (a whole 8 minutes away from where we are now), get a regular electric range for our townhouse, which we are going to rent out, and sell the gas stove currently at the new house.

Ever notice how the best laid plans change on you?

We were over at the new house a few days ago working on projects, and my sister said to me, "You know there isn't an outlet for an electric range, we (she and her husband) pulled it out to look."

Sure enough, when I looked behind the appliance there was only the gas hook-up. Ech!

OK, fine. I'll have an electrician come out and put in the right kind of outlet.

She and my brother-in-law tell me that it will cost almost as much as getting a new gas stove. Double Ech!

I spent the next 2 days trying to figure out why I was so against a gas stove. I finally decided the two main reasons, anxious about having an appliance with flammable gas coming out of it in the kitchen, and not knowing how to cook on a gas stove (having never done so), were lame reasons that I needed to get over. Besides, I told myself (and anyone else who I could get to listen to my plight), people who are serious about cooking swear by gas...

So my new gas stove is coming, and I hope the learning curve isn't too steep. I hate messing up good food.

For fun, this is what the kitchen looks like now:

Pretty plain. Pretty boring. But I have big plans. I'll post a before and after picture when it's done. :)

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  1. I think I was the opposite to you...I grew up using gas stoves and then when I moved to a new apartment it was electric! Sometimes I turn on the wrong burner and wonder why stuff won't! But anyways I enjoyed your post and I am looking forward to the before and after pics!

  2. People that cook with gas seem to prefer it, so maybe once you get used to it you'll like it better! And I think the new kitchen looks great.

  3. I had a gas stove in my last place and I LOVED it. I find myself cursing my electric oven all the time.
    Why? Gas turns off immediately and you can regulate the temperature better. The heat stays on high rather than regulating itself by turning on and off to try to come to an average of a temperature. AND, electric outages pose no problem to the gas stove (oven, yes, but stove is still usable.)
    Although I do understand that losing a double oven is very sad news.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, everyone! I'm sure I will grow to love it and wonder how I ever cooked anything before :) And Mariko, the best part is my new oven is a Maytag Gemini, too, so I'm not giving up my double! If I had to give up having a double oven I would have paid the money for the electrician to put in the outlet :)

  5. Hi Tiffiny! A book, eh? That is so cool. :) I have a cooking blog too (you can see the link from my Blogger profile). But I haven't updated in a while. Bad me.

    I'm following you on here now. I look forward to reading!

  6. I love my electric stove but many of my friends swear by their gas ranges. I am sure you will learn to love it.

  7. You'll do great with gas! I've cooked on both and its easier with gas if something is starting to burn or boil over, since the flame goes right down it cools down faster, where electric even after you click it down it's still darn hot :) Good luck with the move!! And thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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