Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stopping a slippery cutting board

A cutting board that slips around on your counter while you're trying to chop or dice something can be dangerous. Here's an easy way to make your cutting board stay put: simply lay a damp kitchen towel, or a couple damp paper towels (the towels need to be just barely damp, like from drying your hands), on the counter and lay the cutting board on top of the towels. Now you're safe to chop and dice 'till your heart's content :)


  1. Such a great habit to form. I have one huge and heavy cutting board which stays put and than several little ones that require a dish cloth!

  2. You can also use a piece of rubber shelf liner. I use those little squares of textured rubber that are used to grip jar lids to make them easier to open. You just need one.

  3. Wendy, thanks for 2 more great ideas! :)


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