Monday, March 29, 2010

Favorite gadgets: the plastic knife

Are you laughing? Probably. But I promise you that a plastic knife, such as this one from Chez Wendy's, is a must-have in your kitchen. I've found that nothing works better to cut brownies, bar cookies, tarts, single-layer cakes, and more. For some reason the plastic glides right through the food being cut without grabbing and tearing at it like other knives. And better yet, it can be totally free. Now that's a pretty awesome kitchen gadget!


  1. Hey! Yeah, I'm laughing... because I thought I was the only one! I have many of these in different shapes and sizes, which come along with every cake bought at any bakery here in Korea! They are perfect, specially if you want to cut a cake right from a non-stick pan and you don't want to scratch it ;o)

  2. Hooray.
    The plastic knife is deserving of its own post. I just bought one (finally) a couple of weeks ago. Mine is marketed as a lettuce cutting knife, but it works great for baked goods.
    Ditto on the non-stick pan. I got tired of using plastic cutlery knives - which tend to warp and break.

  3. This totally made me laugh... partly because it was written so artfully and partly because it's true!


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