Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Share Our Strength Bake Sale 2010

Is it possible to be intoxicated with relief? Because let me tell you, I felt high when my Share Our Strength bake sale was over! I thoroughly enjoyed it, I could not have pulled it off without the help of some amazing people--and I was thrilled when it was done :)

Almost as soon as we started to set up people were there wanting to buy things. It was crazy! We were still trying to get table clothes on tables and treats priced, and people were throwing money at us! And who could blame them? We had frosted sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, snickerdoodles, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies, mint brownies, oatmeal brownies, tuxedo brownies, marshmallow brownies, orange brownies, cinnamon rolls, homemade chocolate sauce, homemade salsa, homemade breads, caramel popcorn, homemade jams, coconut cakes, chocolate cakes, 2 fondant-covered, tiered cakes, 4 decorated cakes, lemon bars, banana bars with cream cheese frosting, crumb cake, cupcakes, chocolate-dipped pretzels--MORE! We hardly had room on the tables for everything, and by noon the tables were half empty. It was awesome :)

The response was just incredible! A huge thanks to Goldenwest Credit Union for the use of their parking lot.

I have to thank Barbara, our mayor's wife, and their cute girls for coming out and supporting our sale.

And I have to thank one of our city's councilmen, Craig Tischner, for coming and holding a sign on the street corner. He was such a good sport!

Our super-cute Miss Herriman and one of her attendants came and helped out--don't we look like models with the wind in our hair? ;)

One of the adorable young women from my church came and played her guitar and sang for us.

My 3 year-old spent most of the time she was at the bake sale playing in the rocks in one of the credit union's flower beds :)

Little Cesars pizza donated pizzas for lunch for the volunteers working our sale. Ummmm....Pizza! Pizza!

The weather was supposed to be bad--rainy and windy. We were blessed with beautiful weather during almost the whole sale. When we were down to just a few things this storm rolled in. Needless to say we decided to call it a day and packed everything up. My 13 year-old and I took what was left to our fire station. The guys at the station were so cute when we walked in with our boxes of goodies. They were so surprised and grateful that we thought of them. I almost didn't know what to say--our fire fighters do so much for us every day. We're the ones who need to be thankful :)

While we were cleaning up we realized we didn't have a picture of all of us in our shirts. This is my family and my sister's family. I couldn't have done it without my sister's help. She is amazing :)

And....we made $718.50! Wow! If you'd like to donate something to my team, you can click here to go directly to my team's page on the Share Our Strength website. All amounts help, large or small. Thanks! :)

This bake sale was such a great experience, even with all the stress. I've made notes about what worked and what didn't (and what to do differently next time) and I'm excited to do it again!


  1. I am so proud of you!!! Hurray for team work, and hurray for helping hungry kids :-)

  2. Sounds like it couldn't have turned out better:) Kudos to you for putting on such a successful bake sale! The long goodies list sounds awesome and I'm definitely inspired!

  3. Next time I'll contribute some goodies! I totally would have this time if my kitchen had been in working order. Fun to finally meet you!

  4. @Michelle and Sue, Thanks! It really was *so* fun :)

    @Nurse Heidi, It was great to finally meet you, too! Send me your email and I'll put you on my list (tiffinyfelix[at]yahoo[dot]com)


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