Monday, December 19, 2011

Drop Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles

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For a super-easy way to make Drop Sugar Cookies look festive and colorful, simply dip the scooped dough in sprinkles before you bake them. And, no, it's not cheating for them to look so cute without the effort of frosting them. It's efficient, and smarty-pants clever ;)

Put the sprinkles in a small bowl and dip your scooped sugar cookie dough. I've found that if you use a small bowl, you can use the sides of the bowl to get more sprinkle coverage.

Bake the cookies as directed for the Drop Sugar Cookies. Remember to take them out when they still look underdone.

Mmmm...For these cookies I used my smallest cookie scoop. I ruined my regular scoop by using it to scoop plaster of paris into dixie cups, and then not rinsing it off right away. Oops. And darnit.

This look ready for Santa! Too bad we ate them. I'll have to make Santa some new cookies.

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  1. Fantastic idea! I'll be making these with the kids this week to compliment the other treats we are making!


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