Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dear Betty Crocker,

My name is Tiffiny Felix.

I don't know when it happened, but I just noticed that your cake mixes are no longer 18.25 oz, but are 15.25 oz. Did you think that people wouldn't eventually realize that you decreased the size of the mixes but didn't lower the price? Did you think people wouldn't notice that their cakes were shorter, or that their batter made 22 cupcakes instead of 24? Did you think people would notice but not care? People are noticing, and they do care.

It also does not appear that you took in to account all of the many recipes that turn a Betty Crocker cake mix into all manner of bars and cookies and other desserts. How many of those recipes won't work right anymore because there isn't the same amount of cake mix? How many people are now going to turn to your competition because their cake mixes are still 18.25 oz.?

This decision was underhanded and disrespectful of your loyal customers. It was poorly played, Betty Crocker. Poorly played, indeed.

Most sincerely,

Tiffiny Felix
The Bake-Off Flunkie

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  1. I do agree! I thought it was me, but figured that had to be what was going on. Cakes are much smaller in height. I guess they are forcing you in to using two boxes. That's twice the cost! Good for them, bad for us! I'll just choose the other brand. Thanks for bringing my attention to it!


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