Saturday, March 30, 2013

Great Valley Dinosaur Cake

I've decided to start posting the occasion cakes I've made over the last few years. Hopefully you'll be inspired for one of your own cakes! :)

"The Great Valley! I found it! I fo-ou-und it!" Sarah, Ms. Sassy-Pants Dinosaur.

I made this for my youngest daughter when she turned 3 (almost 3 years ago). At the time she ate, breathed, and slept dinosaurs and The Land Before Time stories. There was no question her cake was going to be a dinosaur cake, but I didn't want a scary, toothy dinosaur cake, which is what I kept finding when I looked online for ideas. I decided I wanted to do a softer, gentler dinosaur cake, and came up with this idea.

Cutie-Petutie fondant dinosaurs!

This cake actually served two purposes. 1. Birthday cake. 2. At the time, I was trying to get onto a new reality-type cake show that Buddy Valastro from The Cake Boss was going to host. Part of the audition was to submit a video of yourself making a cake. It had a limit of 5 minutes (really??), so my video had lots of editing, and still was a bit longer. In the end I didn't get picked for the show--I think I was probably too normal--and after I saw the first episode I was so incredibly, eternally grateful. I would have been absolutely horrified if I'd been picked for the show because it wasn't exactly the same type of show the producers led me to believe it was (guess that really shouldn't have surprised me).

Anyway, I'm going to share that video. Be very, very kind, I was really nervous and you can definitely tell at the beginning of the video. I loosened up a bit as it went on, as you will see when I start making the palm trees. And eating the palm trees. 

Click HERE to watch the video. And kind.

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