Friday, February 7, 2014

Why I index my cookbooks and magazines

It may be very nerdy, but I index my cookbooks and cooking magazines. I started doing it years ago after I got tired of not being able to find recipes I knew I'd one of my cookbooks or magazines. I got a little notebook and started indexing, one book at a time. I do the indexing, I flipped through the pages and if a recipe looked interesting I wrote down the name of the recipe and the page it was on. For such a simple idea, it has made a world of difference. Now when I am planning my menus, or am looking for a specific recipe I know I wanted to try, I flip through my index book (now books) and I can find it pretty fast.

If you feel like you can never find a recipe you're looking for like I used to, consider indexing your cookbooks and magazines--you might find that you love it!

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