Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mother Nature's Sense of Humor

Tomatoes Gone Wild. That's how you can describe our tomato plants this year. We joined a community garden in the spring and didn't get over there as often as we should have. When my husband and I went over yesterday to try to reclaim our plot from the weeds (and alfalfa--weird) and see if anything was salvageable, we were amazed by how crazy the tomatoes were. Not only had they survived our near-total neglect, they had thrived. They thrived all over the bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, yellow zucchini, and even the area behind and to the side of our plot.

We decided to pull and chop off the vines that were the most out of control to let the plants put their energy into making the remaining green tomatoes gorgeous and tasty. My husband was working on the Early Girl tomato plants when he found this beauty lying in wait under some thick vines. "Oh! That's just wrong!" he laughed and made like he was going to throw it in our enormous bank of weeds, alfalfa, tomato vines, and over-ripe zucchini the size of baseball bats (oops). "Wait! You have to let me have that!" I begged. This tomato gave us a good laugh.

I now have absolute, irrefutable proof that Mother Nature has a sense of humor. Did she giggle to herself the whole time this tomato grew under the masses of over-grown vines, waiting for us to find it? I'd have to say probably yes. I know if it were me, I definitely would have.


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