Thursday, October 7, 2010

Coronado Subs & National Sub Sandwich Day

This adorable couple is Adam and Sonya Peterson and they own Coronado Subs in Riverton, Utah. Sonya is a good friend and I've wanted to write about their shop ever since they opened on April 8, 2010. And, as it happens, National Sub Sandwich Day in this Saturday, October 9, so this is the perfect time to highlight Coronado Subs and it's awesome sandwiches (they have salads and soups, too, but today we're talking subs).

Adam has worked in the food industry for 30 years, working his way up from associate to managerial positions, and then area manager positions. When I asked him how long he's wanted his own store he said, "29 years." Sonya was less eager to take the plunge; when you're the owner of a small business you're on your own in many ways.

When Adam finally felt that his recipes were perfect (and the economy cooperated, making it possible for them to buy a shop for a fraction of the normal cost), he decided it was time. A year later they served their first customer. My family and I went for subs that first day, and I remember how great it was to be there and share in their excitement. I had the Coronado's Meatball Sub (see below), and it was heavenly. I've since tried several things on their menu and the meatball sub is still my favorite.

Adam makes most of his sauces from scratch, including the buffalo-style sauce on this Coronado's Buffalo Chicken Sub. This sub comes sweet or savory, the sweet with Coronado's own ranch mayo and the savory with bleu cheese mayo. The tangy buffalo sauce sets off both dressings beautifully.

This sandwich is called The Captain's Sub. It's Adam's sub, being the captain of the Coronado Subs family, of course. Beef brisket, pastrami, Muenster cheese, and a vinaigrette make this sub hearty and flavorful. There's also a sub called The First Mate's Sub. It's one of their speciality subs with oil-browned turkey breast, Havarti cheese, and Coronado's own cranberry mayo. Adam wanted to call it The Sonya. I believe Sonya's response was something close to, "Don't you dare." She says she doesn't like to be front and center, but I can't help wonder if it would have been just a bit weird to have people at the register, "Yeah, I'll have a Sonya, with everything on it,"

And this is my favorite, Coronado's Meatball Sub. I'll give you a moment to soak it in. I've had meatball subs before, and while edible, they weren't something I craved or went back for again and again. This meatball sub is all that and more. The Italian meatballs are perfectly seasoned and Adam pairs them with a zesty marinara sauce and melted provolone cheese. The Italian seasoning sprinkled on top gives your taste buds a first layer of flavor before you bite all the way through the cheese, marinara sauce, and finally the meatballs. It's a simple sub with nothing extra to complicate the flavors that go so perfectly together.

You want one, now, don't you? I knew you would.

The Coronado Subs team getting it done during the lunch rush. The sub shop is next to the high school, so their first rush starts around 10:45 a.m. when students from the school's first lunch walk over for something much tastier than cafeteria food. Then there's another rush around 12:25 p.m. when students from the school's second lunch, plus other folks on their lunch break (from work, shopping, driving, errands) line up--almost out the door--to buy one of the shops subs or salads.

Nation Sub Sandwich Day is Saturday, and you could just go to Subway or Togo's or another sub chain, but I really encourage you to look for a sub shop that's making it's way separate from the corporate world. And if you're in the Salt Lake Area, it's worth the trip to Riverton to get yourself some Coronado's. You'll be so glad you did! Leave me a comment if you do, and we can all bask in the Coronado-love together.

Coronado Subs is located in Riverton, Utah at 2762 West 12600 South. They're open 10:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m. Monday-Saturday (closed Sunday); their phone number is 801-254-2313. You can also follow them on Facebook.


  1. Try the BBQ chicken - sweet or savory. You'll fall in love! I personally go for the savory. YUMMY. Had one today as a matter of fact.

  2. Okay, now I want a meat ball sub - that looks amazing!! :D


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