Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Works For Me Wednesday: Grinding my own cornmeal

When I got my wheat grinder I stopped buying cornmeal. I buy polenta (corn grits) by the 25 pound-bag full (I love polenta) and wondered one day what would happen if I ran it through my grinder. Sure enough, it went in polenta--which is just very coarse ground corn--and it came out cornmeal! I was thrilled!

Here's the finished product after the grinder treatment. I run it through on the most coarse setting, but it still might be a bit more fine that store-bought cornmeal. It works perfect for my corn bread, though. And I can't wait to try it for a Lemon Cornmeal Cake with Blueberry Sauce Amanda from Amanda's Cookin' posted a while back. Yum.

Using my wheat grinder to make cornmeal out of polenta I already have definitely works for me.

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  1. It does look finer than store bought but how awesome! Thanks for the link too, hope you try that cake, sooo good! :)


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